Easter holidays in Czech & Poland

Quite spontaneously, as usual me with my friend was off to Prague as soon as our spring break started. We took the bus from Vilnius and on the next day we arrived to the capital of Czech republic. Honestly saying, I’ve not always been a fan of bus trips but when you get used to it – you begin to love it.

We came in the morning on Sunday (yes, that special easter Sunday) and the first thing we did was finding out our hostel’s location, fortunately booked in advance. It was quite far from the city centre, so we just put our stuff in the storage room and went to seek for adventures.

I should admit the weather was unbelievably cold and we in our summer kind of clothes were just freezing and probably looked ridiculous. But who could suspect that it might be that cold and windy?! Anyway, I am posting the best pics here to show that even the disgusting weather did not spoil our mood at all.DSC_5327





To be continued…


Independence Day of Lithuania!!!

Hello! I am back. It’s been a while since I posted something here. Finally I’m in Vilnius, in Lithuania and my studies in Mykolas Romeris University have already begun! I’m so happy to be in this wonderful country and I’ve got a lot of thoughts in my head to tell but today I’m going to show you my photo report from th15th of February which is an official holiday in Lithuania dedicated to Independence of the country. I had so much fun just walking in the steets with my friends around the old town and watching happy people’s smiles and listetning to Lithuanian national songs.










Let us believe!

We definitely can say that a little bit more than one week left till the Christmas Eve! I’m so exited about it. I spend hours thinking about holiday dishes and finding new decisions for decorating and also looking for nice and pleasant Christmas songs.

Such a wonderful atmosphere is around! My heart is full of love and tenderness, because it’s the time when all family and close relatives come together to share these magic moments of celebration, fun and true faith. Because whatever we do, whatever we think or whatever we are convinced of, we still want to feel confinence and security. And who can give us a better hope and support than members of our family? By the way, I’m so glad that most of my university friends also decided to celebtrate Merry Christmas in their Homeland. I think it can’t be called old-fashioned habit at all.

So I feel magic in the air and I’m waiting for miracles which are about to happen!