Kemi’s wonderful fall

Well, before I arrive to another country, I would like to post some of my Finnish pictures (the old ones). There are no such words to describe my feleling about Finland. And Kemi, where I actually lived, always takes a special place in my heart.




“Panorama cafe”

I want to tell you about one nice place in Kemi called “Panorama Cafe”. Even the name of it sounds poetic so it certainly intrigued me. This cafe is situated on the top floor of City Hall, in fact, on the roof of the building. Me and my friend just went in and used the old and very slow elevator to get there. Cafe came up a little bit different then I’d supposed but anyway I got my cup of coffee! There were not so many people and we went to the roof for seeing the most exiting sight of the downtown. We didn’t expect that Kemi is so big and beautiful… Honestly saying, I’m afraid of  high heights but I’m sure it was worth it!